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Market Discovery

Viable and sustainable market entry strategies in new geographic markets.

Would you like to take advantage of Australia’s economic strength?

Our Market Discovery service is an intensive and comprehensive 3 month engagement  designed to both develop and execute your vision for expansion in Australia and across the Asia Pacific region.

Our team of Sales, Marketing and Technical professionals will engage as your primary feet on the ground, conducting the initial Strategy, Market research and training in your offering to enable them to execute a mutally agreed Action Plan over the term of the project.

With governance, milestones and agreed deliverables built into the solution, our carefully selected team have the necessary domain expertise, credentials and business networks to meet our mutally agreed KPIs for the project.

The Market Discovery typically covers the following areas but is generally customised to suit your requirements and budget:


  • Market Expansion Strategy Creation
  • Business Development Activities
  • Direct Customer Engagements
  • Regulator and Industry Engagement
  • Operating as an extension of your business operations